Every avid reader and writer is familiar with a short list of the “Big” literary journals, reviews, and magazines. Places like The New Yorker, where every week we can expect to see the newest from the upper-echelon of the literary community (and where getting one’s work published seems almost a necessary stop on the road to fame and fortune).  And while you really can’t go wrong reading The Paris Review or Tin House in the search for new reading material, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the tireless work of the small journal. Here, editorial teams gather in living rooms and at coffee shops to pore through slush piles searching for bright new voices to take a chance on. Not surprisingly, these are often some of the first publication credits on the resumes of the emerging writers. So, to honor their work and the work of the young writers they champion, I’ll be taking a little time every week or so to highlight one of my favorite small publications.

This week: Eunoia Review

An online journal (which means you can start reading it right away), Eunoia Review is dedicated not only to showcasing what they like to call ‘Beautiful Thinking,’ but also to do so with remarkable frequency. While some journals (online or in print) can take months to put together an issue, Eunoia publishes two new pieces of fiction or poetry every day. That’s fourteen pieces a week and over 700 a year. Which means it’s not only a great journal to follow (I like to check in every morning to see what’s new) but also a great place to submit work to.

A couple of pieces I’ve really enjoyed from them.



https://eunoiareview.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/the-guest-bedroom/ (From my Top 5, February 16)